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Whiskey and Bone

Hendrix // Faux Turquoise - Donut Beads

Hendrix // Faux Turquoise - Donut Beads

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Our bracelets are handmade in Kansas City. Wear your bracelet alone or wear a couple of our  stackers for extra fun. Whats better then a bracelet that is made in ALL sizes, so that we can cater specifically to you? HELLO! Its stretchy! Yes, stackers are stretchy. When we make them, we string them on multiple strings. Why, you ask? Quality. Also Durability. We pride ourselves on not only incredible jewelry, but quality products that are timeless. Our bracelets are 98% of the time made with genuine gemstone beads. Which means just 2% of the time we use beads that are made of glass or other materials. 

What size do you wear? Well, please note - that the sizing of the bracelet is what it measures. You won't want to order a size Small, which is 6" because it will be tight. Lets say your wrist is 6", We suggest going up .5" or 1" depending on what you find most comfortable. Most of the time if your wrist is 6" you are going to wear a medium. Please message us if you have questions.

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