Sacred Space Alter Workshop // November 3rd

Whiskey and Bone

On Friday, November 3rd you are invited to a very special Build Your Sacred Space workshop at Whiskey and Bone. In this hands-on, multi-medium experience you will use inspired bits and bobbles to design and build your own desktop Sacred Space. Originally adapted from a creative journey by author Giselle Buchanan, local textile artist Aimee Hagedorn will guide you through a series of written prompts to help you create the space that reclaims and honors your creative self. You will use a number of materials to construct a shrine that reflects back to you who you are as a creative/artist/writer/maker. All materials will be provided and while there will be no shortage of decorative notions, guests are encouraged to bring their own personal keepsakes and mementos to include in their Sacred Space. Examples include photos, letters, miniatures, jewelry, etc.  "Some of you have never explored your creative potential. Others have made their creativity into a livelihood and left themselves behind. Maybe, for you, it is somewhere in between. Regardless of what your journey has been, together, we will set the intention to reclaim. To remember ourselves. Powerful things happen when we gather around shared intentions." - Giselle Buchanan